Aid file recovery software

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Recove formatted data windows 10

The format recovery function is used against data loss caused by user actions, such as formatting by mistake. When a hard disk or partition location and size remain unchanged, Aidfile can quickly recover the format of lost files.

Recove raw partition Windows 10

Full scan mode is a method of searching for the unfound items in the other three modes. The Full scan minimizes the data loss, but the full scan requires the most time of all four methods. With great effort of the developers, Aidfile will scan for storage devices at its maximum speed. In the full scan mode, data found by the methods above and extra data will be found, resulting in maximized recovery of documents.

Fast partition recovery Windows 10

Users often encounter this situation. While re-formatting the hard drive or partition, re-partitioning of a hard drive, deleting the original partition, or modifying an existing partition of size, a location may cause the loss of files. Usually, the user has forgotten to backup important data. With these poor conditions, Aidfile still provides a robust and fast recovery, which saves the user’s time.

When the user’s data has been severely damaged or corrupted 2 or 3 times and the files become split, how can you maximize the recovery of data so that the data loss will be reduced to the minimum? At that time, you will need to use the full scan function of Aidfile.

Quickly deleted file recovery Windows 10, and recovery by file type

In response to some files that are mistakenly deleted due to SHIFT + Del or emptying the Recycle Bin with and no backup on memory sticks, USB, or hard drive, the Aidfile can make an immediate recovery of deleted files. Aidfile data recovery software has the industry’s fastest scanning speed so that the user can quickly find the deleted file.But in some cases, the user loses the file on the hard drive device due to damaged or overwritten files. For example, a wrong save of new file leads to loss of file information. At that moment, the user can select the quick recovery mode and then add details about the file, such as the file type, to find the file.
It should be noted that the file name of recovered files will be Aidfile, so the user will need to verify that the file type, size, content, and information fits the targeting document. Aidfile provides many of the preview features, such as photos and picture files, so that you can directly preview the document without opening it.

Aidfile supports many file formats, such as MS Office, picture, audio, video formats, and a wide range of system files, such as executable files.

Data storage devices

Android SmartPhone, Windows Phone, Digital Camera, xD picture card,


USB HDD, External HDD, Hardware RAID, Floppy drive,

USB flash drive,Compact flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory card,

Memory stick, Micro card, Zip drive, MMC, DVD,HDDVD, PSP,

Other storage devices

File Systems EXFAT, FAT32, NTFS (other file system types as RAW)
Scan By File types Scanning specific types of files, support: MS Office document (Word,

Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)types(doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pst,

etc.),photos (JPG, PNG, ICON, TIF, BMP, RAF, CR2, etc.),and

audios (MPG, MP4, MP3, MTS, M2TS, 3GP, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB,

etc.),compressed files (rar, zip, etc.),PE files (exe, dll, lib, etc.) and so on.

All support file types

Support all file formats which scanned by File System (FAT32, EXFAT,

NTFS):Microsoft Word Document(.doc,.docx), Help file(.hlp),

HTML Documents file(.htm,.html),MOF file(.mof),Microsoft Project file

(.mpp), Microsoft OneNote file(.one), Adobe Portable Document(.pdf),

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file(.ppt), Microsoft Publisher

Document(.pub),Rich Text Document(.rtf), True Type Font file(.ttf),

Microsoft Visio Drawing(.vsd), WordPerfect file(.wpd),WordPerfect

Documents and Graphics v8(.wpg), Microsoft Excel XML Documents

(.xls), 3DS file (.3ds),3d Studio Max file(.max), ANI file(.ani), Adobe

Illustrator file(.ai), Bitmap file(.bmp), COREL Draw file(.cdr), Corel

Draw Corel RAVE Image file(.clk), Corel Draw Vector Image file(.cmx),

Canon Raw graphics file(.crw), Cursor file(.cur), AutoCAD Drawing file

(.dwg), AutoCad DX File(.dxf), EnhancedMetafile(.emf), Encapsulated

Postscript file(.eps), Freehand 10 file(.fh11), GIF graphics file(.gif),

Icon file(.ico), JPEG Graphics file(.jpg.jpeg),Portable Network Graphic

file(.png), Adobe Photoshop file(.psd), Paint Shop Pro file(.psp),

Q uattroPro 7 File(.qpw), Corel Presentation File(.shw),Tagged Image

File(.tif), Cabinet file(.cab), CHM file(.chm),CSL file(.csl), GZIP

compression file(.gz),LZH compression file(.lzh), RAR compression file

(.rar), TAR archive file(.tar), Zip compression file(.zip),3GP Multimedia

file(.3gp), Audio Streaming Format file(.asf), AU file(.au), Audio Video

Interleave file(.avi), Musical Instrument Digital Interface file(.mid),

MOV Multimedia file(.mov), MP3 Music file(.mp3),MP4 Multimedia

file(.mp4), ShockWave Flash file(.swf),WAVE Multimedia file(.wav),

WMF Multimedia file(.wmf), 3GP Multimedia file(.3gp), Audio

Streaming Format file(.asf), AU file(.au), Audio Video Interleave file

(.avi), Musical Instrument Digital Interface file(.mid), MOV Multimedia

file(.mov), MP3 Music file(.mp3), MP4 Multimedia file(.mp4),

ShockWave Flash file(.swf), WAVE Multimedia file(.wav), WMF

Multimedia file(.wmf), Outlook Express Email file(.dbx), Outlook Email

file(.pst), Access Project file(.adp), Access Database file(.mdb)

Manufacturers Western Digital (WD) hard drive, Seagate hard drive, Toshiba, Samsung,

Sony, Maxtor, ADATA,aigo,apacer,Benq,Buffalo,Cenby,cenda,chuangyi,










OS Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 2003,

Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7,

Windows 8 and Windows 2012