Android Data Recovery Software

Help you recover files from Android Smart phone (SD Card) after delete or format :

How to recover data from a Android phone?

When users inadvertently format the memory card or sd card of android phone’s, they can use the “unformat” software for recovery. This function supports the partitions which are Fat32, Exfat or Ntfs before formatting or are Fat32, Exfat or Ntfs after formatting when recovering. If the users mistakenly delete the files (shift+delete or empty the recycle bin or, delete the files while cleaning viruses) and the file system is Fat32, Exfat or Ntfs, they can scan and recover the files using the “Undelete” function.This data recovey software’s undelete-scanning is very fast and with strong functions. When memory card of android phone’s partitions are lost or cannot be accessed due to users’ mistakenly deleting the files or other reasons, “Recover Partition” can quickly scan and find the partitions and recover all the data files. If the “unformat” ,”undelete” and “recover partition” can not find the lost or deleted files. Choose “Full Scan” to find files with deep full scan.It support many file types.For example, MS office files such as doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt and pptx;pst of MS outlook email; the majority of audio and video files such as MP3,MP4,AVI,MTS,M2TS,3GP,MOV, etc.; almost all the types of photos or pictures such as JPG,PNG,TIF,RAF,BMP etc. 1.When you delete files is that they are not actually removed from hard drive.With Aidfile File Recovery Software,you can recover deleted files on a android phone? Please learn to recover data from android phone and read blow contents. Usually,one android phone have a ROM as CDFS file system and a Memory card(SD card) USB flash drive as FAT32 or NTFS or Exfat file system. So you can use “Full Scan” mode to recover data from ROM. And use “Full Scan” or “Unformat” or “Undelete” or “Recover partition” mode to recover data from your USB Memory Sd Card drive of android 2.Aidfile also can help you recover lost files after format android smart phone. 3.How to recover files from android smart phone? 1st,you need set your smart phone as “Mass storage mode”. 2nd, connect the android smart phone to the PC, or use some SD card(memory card,micro sd card) Adapter and connect it. Then use “Full Scan” or “Unformat” or “Undelete” or “Recover partition” mode to recover data from your USB Memory Card drive of android . 4.Supports almost all mobile smartphone brands, in addition to the iphone.For example,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ,Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ,Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3,HTC one,Motorola moto X,Motorola XT928,XT685,Nokia 925,Nokia 1020 ,920,820,….and so on 5.Not only andriod phone we can recover data,every storage devices such as memory stick,memory card,sd card,pen drive,flash drive,digital camera,cf card,and other usb drive/external hard drive/internal hard drive. 6.The most important thing is just to restore data, brand-independent, and regardless of the type of storage device.As long as your storage device through a card reader or usb data cable to connect to the Windows operating system. Carrier:Unlocked,AT&T,Sprint,T-Mobile,Verizon….. Manufacturer:Samsung,HTC,Motorola,LG,Nokia,Sony,Pantech & Curitel,Palm,BlackBerry,Kyocera,Huawei,ZTE,Sanyo,Alcatel,HP,Casio,Just5,Doro LTD,Pharos,Sonim Technologies,Acer,XPal Power,BLU Products,Catterpillar,Dell,Audiovox/UTStarcom,geeksphone,Meizu,OPPO Digital,Drywired,Lenovo,WiMAX Holding…. Of course,if your phone is iphone,we can only help you recover the data from the usb drive partition which from Jailbroken iPhone or iPod as a flash drive.

1:Please Insert your phone to computer:

How to recover deleted files and pictures on a android phone

2:Select Full Scan to recover files from CDROM of android phone

Undelete android

3:Scan The CDROM as Raw recovery