What is raw recovery

What is raw recovery?
Raw recovery mearns recover files from raw file system partition of hard drive or sd card or flash drive or any other storage.
RAW file system means have no file system or not formatted or unformatted.
Sometimes,a new hard drive is unformatted,so we call it as Raw.
Sometimes,a old hard drive has some error,then the hard drive shows as raw or says “have not formatted”.
Sometimes,a partition damaged,it’s file system changed as raw from NTFS/EXFAT/FAT32.
Sometimes,after format hard drive failed,the drive became raw.

Also,RAW Recovery not only these mearnings.
It also mearns recover raw format photos, Some digital cameras saves photos as .raw type.
It also mearns data recovery software scan the drive by file types not by file system.

Aidfile recovery software is the best raw recovery tool.
1:Use “Undelete ” to recover files by file types if some deleted files can not found after “undelete” (FAT32,EXFAT,NTFS)quickly scan.


“Undelete” mode of Aidfile have two options:1,quickly scan from FAT32 or Exfat or NTFS file system,2:scan some files by type from the free space of file system.

2:Use “Full scan ” to recover files by file types which from the drive is not exfat,not fat32,not ntfs,but is mac HFS or HFS+,or linux Ext2,ext3,ext4,or other file system .

3:Use “Full scan ” to recover files by file types if the drive showing as “raw” file system partition.

4:Use (“unformat” or “undelete” or “recover partition” or “Full scan”) to recover the raw format digital camera images.such as raw,dcr,tiff,png,srw,cr2,crw,arw,nef,orf,pef,raf,x3f……from sony,canon,kodak,….and so on.